The gym is closed again. Let’s not dwell on what we cannot do but what we can do. So, to get us moving this January and shake off the Christmas, from January 4th to 31st we are running a 4 week Step Challenge. Whether it’s a walk around the block, laps of the garden or house you will have, daily, weekly targets and a target to meet at the end of the month. Of course, if the daily or weekly targets are not met that’s ok too, but the aim of the challenge is to have you meet your target by January 31st

There are 3 step target groups you can chose from

10,000 per day, 70,000 each week or 280,000 by January 31st

15,000 per day, 105,000 each week or 420,000 by January 31st

20,000 per day, 140,000 each week or 560,000 by January 31st

To take part in this challenge, join our Facebook group.

Don’t forget to post your Facebook or Instagram step updates on your story and tag us Daily or Weekly or post to the group.