Why not join our club instructors for a variety of home workouts, guaranteed to get the heart rate up

Chose from a variety of classes and instructors below


Join our instructor Laura for classes online @ PassionFit with Laura. Hiitstep,and Hiitcardio classes available. They are live on PassionFit with Laura FB page and pre recorded Zumba is available.

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Click here to view Lauras classes info


Join our instructoe Claire for a variety of home workouts. Workouts are available on Claires instagram page. Follow the link below

View Claires classes here on instagram


Join Maggie for a variety of cclasses from her Facebook page

View Maggies page here


Pilates starting with our resident Pilates instructor. 1 to 1 online classes via zoom. 30 minute classes available. If interested or any questions contact Lisa directly on 087 2822832

Mindfullness With Marie