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Swim Classes Protocol

If your child is booked in for a new round of swim lessons that are starting from 25/08/20

We have listed out a few points below to ensure everything runs smoothly for your lesson.

We have recently been operating a booking system for the pool with time slots of 75 minutes for swimmers.

3.30pm start / 4.45pm finish

5pm start/ 6.15pm finish

6.30pm start / 7.45pm finish

We will incorporate the swimming lessons in to these time slots as follows:

  • Each swim lesson is 35 minutes long.
  • For Swimming Lessons starting at 3.30pm, 5pm and 6pm please arrive at the leisure club 5 minutes before the class starts, check in as normal and our staff will tell you once the changing rooms are ready.
  • Your child is free to stay in the pool for a further 40 minutes but they will not be supervised after the lesson ends.
  • Everyone must leave the pool after 75 minutes.
  • For Swimming Lessons starting at 4.05pm and 5.35pm your child can enter the pool from 3.30pm or 5pm respectively. Please note your child will not be supervised until the lesson begins at 4.05pm or 5.35pm
  • Once your childs class finishes they should exit the pool and enter the changing rooms to begin togging in.
  • If you or a family member wishes to swim at the same time then you will need to make a booking on our website
  • Please note you do not need to book the child that has swimming lessons online as we already have his/her space kept for them.
  • We ask that members shower as quickly as possible afterwards as we only have a 15 minute window to disinfect our changing rooms and prepare for the next group entering the facility.


With everyone's continued help and assistance we can ensure that your child gets to continue their swim lessons and enjoy our facilities in a clean and safe environment.

Kind Regards

Team Tranquillity


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