Cocktail Tan
Get an incredibly natural looking tan without the harmful effects of sun damage. Cocktail Tan is an Irish award winning Tan that is make especially to suit Irish skin. Cocktail Tan comes in 4 different shades. Cocktail Tan has a 3 Hour Express Tan that can have you ready for a night out with a perfect tan, once you are sprayed you can shower after only 3 hour, just request when booking. Just a sun kissed look within 10 minutes.

½ body €18
Full body €24

Express Tan €24 (3 hour tan)

How to achieve the perfect tan

  • Exfoliate your skin and moisturise regularly on the week leading up to the application of the tan
  • No cream, moisturiser, deoderant on the skin on the day of the tan
  • Wear loose, dark clothing
  • Wear flip flops or loose shoes
  • After the application of the tan wait 8 - 12 hours before showering
  • ensure to keep your skin moisturised in the days following the application of tan